Sponsorship Opportunities

At CU*SOUTH, we are deeply committed to growing strong credit unions, and every year, our Visionary Conference becomes a testimony to that mission.

But the heart and soul of this event isn’t just the insightful workshops, compelling presentations, or the gathering of industry experts… it’s our invaluable sponsors.

The generous contributions we get from our sponsors every year not only make this event feasible but also underscore the collaborative spirit that’s at the foundation of the credit union movement.

Choosing to sponsor Visionary 2024 isn’t just an act of support. It signifies your belief in the power of credit unions and the importance of fostering an environment that’s progressive, innovative, and forward-thinking. Visionary sponsorship is also an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your dedication to the industry. Join us in shaping the future of credit unions, and let’s celebrate our shared vision for a stronger, more resilient industry.

Who Attends?

At Visionary 2024, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to network with an influential group of credit union professionals.

A remarkable 37% of our conference attendees are CEOs/Presidents or members of the C-suite team, representing the upper echelons of their respective organizations. These leaders are the decision-makers, shaping the direction of their credit unions and driving innovation in the industry.

With such a well-rounded representation of credit union leaders from across the country, you will find our conference to be an opportunity for building meaningful connections, gaining strategic insights, and expanding your professional network. This is an event that ensures your interactions will be with decision-makers, executives, and leaders.

If you’re planning to stay at Hotel Effie during the conference, reserve your hotel room now!